The FIRST chartered fully online community Toastmasters Club!

The Toastmasters International President
Richard E. Peck
is on a “Virtual World Tour”!
He is visiting 146 clubs in 145 countries!!
Why 146 clubs in 145 countries?
Because Netizens is not in a country!
He visited our club on January 17, 2021.

See why he chose our club
Register HERE to attend our meeting!

Meeting online gives us the opportunity to get to know people from all around the world, We can train our English as well. 
You will learn how it works in the online environment – about lighting, camera usage, effective gestures and interacting with an audience in the online environment.
Yes, you can be a perfect speaker, even when you are looking at the camera and not at the faces of your listeners. At Netizens, you can learn how.
In the club, there are members for whom English is not a native language. This gives you the perfect chance to train your active listening by listening to the various accents.

Come and visit our meeting. Everyone is welcome.
We meet the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month at 17:00 GMT/UTC to 18:15 GMT/UTC.
16:30 GMT/UTC to 17:00 GMT/UTC: check-in to check out your web cam and audio before the meeting.

What time is it in your time zone? Check it out here:

1.) Click on
2.) Enter the month, day, and year of the meeting
3.) Enter 17 in the hour and leave the minutes at 00
4.) For “Location”, select “Time Zones…” and select “Coordinated Universal Time” (the next one after “GMT – Greenwich Mean Time (Antarctica)”
5.) For “Location 1”, select “Time Zones…” and select your time zone OR enter a city in your time zone.
6.) Select “Convert time”

You should reboot your computer BEFORE logging into the meeting.
You need a web cam and headphones (using the computer speakers sometimes causes an echo) for the meeting.
Join the meeting 30 minutes early to check out your audio and video and socialize with the group before the meeting starts.

If you have an easy-Speak login, let us know your user name, so we can add you to our list of visitors.

To join our meeting register here

Stay connected and follow our Facebook page. You can find invitations to the meetings there as well.

Once you have visited at least once, you will be given instructions on the process to become a member of Netizens.

Do you want to get information earlier? Select “Apply for Membership” on the menu for more information.
For further information, contact VP of Membership, Deb Krajcik at:

Looking forward to meeting you online!