Welcome to the Netizens Online Toastmasters Club!

We meet the 1st and the 3rd Sunday of every month from 5PM UTC to 6PM UTC using Zoom.
Check HERE to check the time the meeting starts in your timezone.
Select “Visitors” on the menu for further information.

We were the FIRST Official Online Toastmasters Club #5357724,  Chartered March 25, 2016, a member of Toastmasters International, conducting all meetings via video-conferencing with members across the globe and time zones.

The term Netizen is a portmanteau of the English words Internet and citizen. It is defined as an entity or person actively involved in online communities and a user of the Internet, especially an avid one. Netizens are also commonly referred to as cyber citizens, which has the same meaning.

Netizens Online began as a Study Group in March 2012, sanctioned by Toastmasters International for the purposes of exploring and practicing conducting great meetings online with participants who are distributed from around the globe.

All Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters are welcome to visit and join Netizens Online.

We achieved President’s Distinguished Status in the Distinguished Club Program for the Toastmasters International Year 2018-2019, the highest status possible.

Membership pre-requisites:

1.) Visit at least one Netizens Online club meeting
2.) Fill out a membership application form
3.) Pay required dues
4.) Be voted in by the current membership
5.) Be comfortable with the basics of internet navigation, web cams, and interacting with online applications

Guests are always welcome!

5 Responses to HOME

  1. Keri A. Kitson says:

    Thank you for your warm welcome and helpful hints provided on online usage for your club. It was a pleasure attending and I would definitely recommend it to anyone searching for an alternative option.

    Best of luck for 2019!

  2. Web Master says:

    Keri – Thanks for visiting Netizens! We enjoyed having you and you are welcome to visit anytime!

    Larry J. Miller, DTM

  3. Sourav says:

    Sourav here from India.
    Kindly brief me the joining procedure. When is the next meet ?

    Thank you

    • Web Master says:

      Sourav -Thank you for contacting Netizens Online!
      WELCOME TO NETIZENS ONLINE – the FIRST chartered fully online community Toastmasters Club.
      Our club is a community club which means it is an open club and anyone can join.
      The Netizens Online EASY SPEAK page has a possibility to add you as a prospective member, so that you can receive the notifications directly.
      Let me know if you would like to be added to the system.
      The format of our Netizens Online meetings is the same for a regular Toastmasters club. The difference is learning how to use a web cam and headset effectively, giving speeches using the web cam to show gestures and body movement is much more challenging and you get to interact with people all over the world!
      We meet the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month at 5 PM UTC.
      4:30 to 4:50 PM UTC check-in to check out your web cam and audio before the meeting.
      Link to a web site to check times in your area:
      Our web site is: http://netizenstoastmastersonline.org
      Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NetizensToastmasters/
      Next Meeting is on March 03, 2019, 5 PM UTC.
      To join our meeting, click on: https://zoom.us/j/132-269-604
      It is advised to reboot your computer BEFORE logging into the meeting. Most web cams work fine. It is best to have a headset for audio. Using the computer speakers creates an echo in the system.
      When you first join the meeting:
      Check out your audio
      Check out your video
      Turn off your video
      During the meeting:
      If you are not speaking, turn your video off
      If you have noise in the background, or you type, turn off your audio
      When you speak, turn on your video and audio
      Looking forward to meeting you online!

      Larry J. Miller, DTM
      Netizens Online Treasurer

  4. M Krown says:

    I’m interested in practicing to be an excellent speaker and presenter in my online video classes for executive groups. I’m not sure I understand the difference between your Netizens Toastmaster’s group and the Easy Speak group. Can you kindly explain? Also, I’m in Florida, and want to be sure I understand the time zone conversion. It indicates that you are 4 hours ahead. Is that accurate? I’m asking because I thought you were in Switzerland near Meilen, which is 5 hours ahead.
    Thank you, M Krown

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